Malansac was once a bustling village but since the industry has gone there is little heart in the place only to be exacerbated by the move of Super U from near the centre of the village to the outskirts near the Redon to Vannes road.  The village has the feel that it is dying.   However, Super U in Malansac is spacious with friendly staff who actually apologise when the till makes a mistake.  Sorry when the programmer of the till makes a mistake.

1900 people live there and on the Main Street approaching the church is the post office, an alimentation and a laundry as well as the usual bars and shops.

There is a factory producing gallettes and crepes, a railway station with trains to Vannes and Redon, a primary and secondary school, a School of Music and a Scout Group.

Just nearby is the Parc de Préhistoire and it is worth a visit especially for children who have a fascination with dinosaures.